Mergers & Acquisition Integration

Mergers & Acquisition Integration Vision

To use merger and acquisition integration as the catalyst to achieve the full potential of the companies as they align, whether it is to become a bigger organization, to preempt competition, for tax purposes, or to achieve economies of scale or dominance in their sector.

We Work with Clients to…

  • Assess end to end planning and integration needs for day one and beyond.
  • Develop an integration and implementation plan that supports the business strategy systems, processes and structure.
  • Plan for challenges, potential disruptions, timeline risks, and enabling synergies for the business throughout the implementation process.
  • Agree upon deliverables and measurements of success at project onset and remain flexible to alteration.
  • Focus on key areas of risk in culture, sales, marketing and the workforce.
  • Utilize change management expertise to develop communication plans to manage the changes occurring within the organizations.
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Key Areas of Focus

  • Merger & Acquisition Integration Plan (11 Step Plan)
  • Integration/separation planning and support
  • Purchase and financial agreement review
  • IT analysis review
  • Transaction Services Agreements (TSA) review
  • Review issues resolution including quality issues
  • Establishment of synergy priorities
  • Carve out support
“Navigating a merger and acquisition process as a manager and as an employee of one of the firms is a stressful situation. Our tendency as humans is to look at the potential risks and changes as a difficult transition. Your ability to work on your performance and increase your productivity depends on your ability to change in positive ways and will result in positive outcomes for your organization and you.”
Judy Foley
The M&A Integration model below illustrates the program management scope of activities necessary to ensure that key interdependencies and cross-functional requirements are understood and effectively integrated.
Navigate Transformation - Services - Mergers & Acquisition Integration Illustration

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