Supply Chain & Operations Management

Supply Chain & Operations Management Vision

To reduce the total cost of ownership and operation by translating the corporate vision into strategies which identify and eliminate supply chain waste and result in elevated performance, competitive edge and increased profits.

We Work with Clients to…

  • Develop innovative supply chain strategies and solutions directed toward profitable growth
  • Deliver data-driven recommendations to meet established business goals
  • Implement operational solutions which align with business strategies, optimize global operations and enhance the capabilities of the supply chain team
  • Identify key enablers to grow, scale & support customers and business objectives
  • Achieve project success by fully committing to end-to-end involvement and support
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Key Areas of Focus

1. Strategy Development & Deployment
  • Alignment between supply chain and corporate vision
  • Establish 3-5 year roadmaps with the Executive Team
  • Customer Needs
  • Strategic Plan
  • Best practices / KPI’s / Scorecard
  • Lean implementation
  • Cost and efficiency
  • Organizational structure
  • Transformation/Change Management strategy
  • Technology Leverage
  • Competitive Advantage
2. Operations Analysis & Execution
Manufacturing or Services
  • Operational Assessment / Employee Interviews
  • Observation and data collection
  • SWOT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Prioritize opportunities
New Product Management
  • Reduce development and manufacturing time for new goods and services
  • Work with the suppliers, supply chain, engineers, quality, and sales / marketing group to achieve the results on the pilot for new products
  • Leverage preferred suppliers in new products
3. Operational Support Services (coaching, technology assessment, etc.)
People, Process, Systems
  • Establish “As Is” and “Should Be” processes
  • Formulate policy
  • Establish Enterprise Performance Management
  • Balanced score cards of performance indicators
  • Technology assessment
  • Integrate new technology with IT
  • Analytics utilization and leverage
  • Project plan and implementation
  • Identify road blocks and gaps to operational performance
  • Balanced score cards of performance indicators
  • Executive Coaching
4. Supply Chain Optimization
Sales and Operations Planning
  • Integrated demand planning
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Inventory management (Just in Time / Kaizan etc.)
  • Customer satisfaction
Procurement and Commodity Management
  • Preferred suppliers / Strategic Partners
  • Leverage overall commodities
  • Total cost of ownership (quality, delivery and cost)
  • Establish tools (preferred suppliers, contracts, RFx etc.)
  • Review and analyze capabilities internally
  • Outsource to best sources
Risk Management


  • Process (forecasting, documentation, IT integration, costing, etc.)
  • Mitigation / Contingency (planning, backup, etc.)
  • Control (communication, organization, contracts, KPI’s etc.)


  • Environmental (government regulations, tariffs, customs etc.)
  • Supply (lead times, unreliability, etc)
  • Demand (uncertainty on lead time, margin, etc.)

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