Transformation, Strategy, Leadership, & Change Management

Transformation and Change Management Vision

Engaging in workplace transformation and/or change management can be unpredictable. We allow leaders to take a structured approach to organizational change while maintaining flexibility in implementation.

We Work with Clients to…

  • Help them understand what type change is occurring or needs to occur for the business to thrive
  • Provide the tools to enable development and transitional change
  • Redirect the use of resources, budget allocations and business processes in the transition of teams and organizations
  • Work with executives, managers and frontline workers to operate in transformation or change
  • Establish the correct change management team leadership
  • Provide mindset, behavior, and change skill development to all employees or use employee groups to identify and work through the enterprise wide changes for your transformation
  • Benchmark best in class
  • Engage employees will help minimize resistance
About Navigate Transformation Inc

Key Areas of Focus

1. Three Types of Change
  • Developmental improves what you are currently doing. (example improving existing skills, processes, methods, performance standards)
  • Transitional replaces “what is” with “what should be”. This requires designing and implementing a new state.
  • Transformational is more challenging as the future state is unknown, and a leader must have vision that inspires others to act. A transformational leader is not stopped by current circumstances, beliefs or assumption. Transformation goes beyond what is predictable.
2. Services
  • Business transformation
  • Culture change
  • Change strategy
  • Global communications
  • Risk readiness
  • Mergers and Acquisition integration
  • Talent strategy and management
  • Succession planning
  • Performance management
3. Tools, Skills & Best Practices
  • Executive leadership and support
  • Communication
  • Employee Involvement
  • Planning and analysis
  • Building support through effective preparation
  • Addressing factors that will create resistance to change

Leadership and Strategy Vision

Work with leadership to create a compelling vision and develop a strategy to achieve it. Top leaders understood the vision to organize human and material resources to achieve the vision.

We Work with Clients to…

  • Develop a clear vision that evokes imagination and emotion and acts as an aligning compass in everyday decision-making
  • Define separate roles & responsibilities between corporate and business unit level planning
  • Focus on the process used to develop the strategy, the human dimension, and the analytical dimension
  • Produce a winning strategy for employees who are motivated enough to execute the strategy
  • Learn to rely on the motivated employees to understand and execute on the strategic intent in real time
  • Link the strategic planning process (LRP) to the budgeting process (AOP)
  • Develop a common set of tools, processes and templates for organization-wide planning
  • Establish interlinked goals to bonus plan to help achieve results
Navigate Transformation - Services - Leadership and Strategy

Key Areas of Focus

1. Strategic Planning Framework
  • Utilize strategic planning framework at the corporate and business unit level
  • Provide facilitation and development to improve planning effectiveness and deployment of strategic programs
  • Learn about the external environment and your organization’s own realities
  • Focus by making choices about where you will compete and how you will win
  • Align your people and your business system behind your strategy
  • Execute faster and better than your competitors
2. Corporate & Business Strategy Unit

In business unit strategy, we support the divisional head (CEO, President or GM) in developing strategies within three areas Growth, Competitiveness and Operational Effectiveness.

  • Overall company strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Culture Change
  • Change Strategy
  • Global Communications
3. Strategic Programs for Specialty Areas

We use strategic planning frameworks based on best-in-class methodologies at the corporate and business unit level, providing facilitation and development to improve planning effectiveness and deployment of strategic programs.

  • Risk Readiness
  • Mergers and Acquisition Integration
  • Talent Strategy & Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Supply Chain and Operations

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